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Land Rover Total Care Roadside Assistance

Total Care Roadside Assistance has been designed specifically for Land Rover drivers to assist in a motoring emergency, from immobilisation due to breakdown or accident to minor emergencies such as a puncture.

Our Land Rover trained technicians have the expertise to get your vehicle up and running in the shortest possible time, while Total Care Roadside Assistance cover ensures that, should this not be possible, you and your passengers will have an alternative means of reaching your destination.

Total Care Roadside Assistance also brings you access to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) emergency assistance centre, manned 24 hours a day, every day of the year by experienced multilingual staff.

The period of cover will be shown on your personalised Total Care membership card.

Obtaining Assistance

In the event of requiring assistance following Breakdown of a Covered Vehicle, contact Total Care Roadside Assistance. Please do not attempt to make your own arrangements.

Please have the following information on hand when calling Total Care Roadside Assistance:

- VIN number of your vehicle which can be found on your Total Care card.
- Registration number of your vehicle.
- Your exact location.
- Your contact telephone number.

To arrange assistance, please call:

- If you require assistance following breakdown of a Covered Land Rover Vehicle, please call the number corresponding to your country of registration.

Bahrain 800 00 212
Egypt 02 24047905/ 0800 755 5555
Jordan 0777 777 313
Kuwait 222 46217
Lebanon 01 80 66 90
Morocco 0801 003 738
Oman 800 73 636
Qatar 446 07550
Saudi Arabia 800 8971431
Tunisia 793 99 007
UAE 800 4647

- When in other covered countries, please call:
RSA: +971 43 311 130*

All calls to Total Care Roadside Assistance are recorded for Quality and Training purposes. This will also assist in confirming details of a call that may be incomplete or unclear.

Understanding Total Care Roadside Assistance

The following words and phrases are defined as follows:

Is the owner or an authorised and licensed driver driving in a Covered Vehicle in a Covered Country at the time that assistance is required.

Breakdown (Immobilisation)
Is an electrical or mechanical failure or road traffic accident, causing the Covered Vehicle to be immobilised.

Country of Registration
The country where the Covered Vehicle is registered.

Covered Countries
The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

Coverage and services may be limited or not available in Yemen, Palestine, Algeria, Libya and Pakistan.

Land Rover Roadside Assistance

Covered Vehicle
Is any new Land Rover (excluding Defender) that remains under the Land Rover manufacturer’s warranty or Extended Warranty that has been kept in roadworthy condition and serviced in accordance with Land Rover recommendations, provided that the vehicle is not used for public transport of persons or merchandise, or for hire with or without a driver.

Usual Place of Residence
Is the home residence of a Beneficiary, provided that it is in the Country of Registration.

Total Care Roadside Assistance offers the Beneficiary the Roadside Assistance Services described below in the Covered Countries.

The Roadside Assistance Services will be provided wherever services can be delivered by land vehicle, including on all public roads and in "off road/all terrain" areas no further than 1 km from any tarmac or graded road where access is possible and permissible by local law, providing a GPS location is given. However, the Roadside Assistance Services will not be provided where or when weather, security or other circumstances make the provision of the services impossible or threaten the safety of the persons or equipment intended to provide the services.

Towing or Removal of the Vehicle
In the event of a Breakdown of a Covered Vehicle, Total Care will arrange, if possible, for towing or other transportation of the Covered Vehicle to the nearest Land Rover Importer, up to a USD 150 limit with respect to towing or transport, and up to a USD 300 limit if removal of the Covered Vehicle necessitates the use of a crane.

Flat Tyre Change
A flat, leaking or damaged tyre on a Covered Vehicle will be replaced with the Covered Vehicle’s spare tyre free of charge to the Beneficiary. For this service, the spare tyre must be in the Covered Vehicle and in good condition. If this service cannot be provided, the Covered Vehicle will be towed or transported to the nearest Land Rover Importer, up to a USD 150 limit.

Any repairs needed to fix a damaged tyre and the costs associated with any repairs are the responsibility of the Beneficiary.

Battery Jump-Start
A battery jump-start of a Covered Vehicle will be provided free of charge to the Beneficiary, and if the jump-start is not sufficient, the Covered Vehicle will be towed or transported to the nearest Land Rover Importer, up to a USD 150 limit.

Fuel Delivery
If a Covered Vehicle runs out of fuel, enough fuel (up to 2 gallons) will be provided so that the Covered Vehicle can reach the nearest service station.

Lockout Assistance
Vehicle lockout assistance for a Covered Vehicle will be provided free of charge to the Beneficiary.

We will always endeavour to provide lockout assistance by the most practical method. However, should you be unable to gain entry to your vehicle, modern security systems may make a forced entry necessary. If this is the case, any costs for resulting damage will be your responsibility and you may be asked to sign a declaration stating that you have given permission for this.

Onward Travel Assistance
If, following assistance by Total Care Roadside Assistance, the Land Rover Importer confirms in writing that a Covered Vehicle cannot be repaired on the same day and remains immobilised, one of the following services, wherever possible, will be organised for the Beneficiary to continue their journey by the most appropriate means.

Hotel Accommodation
Overnight accommodation such as hotel room (but not food, beverage, telephone calls or other expenses) will be, wherever possible, arranged and paid for up to a USD 120 limit per Beneficiary per day, with a USD 500 limit in total for a Breakdown; or

If the Land Rover Importer advises in writing that the repair time will exceed 48 hours, travel costs incurred in returning the Beneficiary to the Usual Place of Residence or the intended destination will be, if possible, arranged and paid for up to USD 120 limit per Beneficiary, with USD 500 limit in total for a Breakdown; or

Vehicle Hire
In the event that, following assistance by Total Care Roadside Assistance, the Covered Vehicle cannot be repaired within 24 hours and the Land Rover Importer advises in writing that the repair time will exceed 24 hours, we will, if possible, endeavour to hire a vehicle for a maximum period of 48 hours, with a USD 150 limit for the breakdown.

A vehicle will be sourced through contracted vehicle rental companies. We will endeavour to hire a medium sized car but this will be subject to availability. The vehicle will be hired for private use, without a driver. The Beneficiary must be able to comply vehicle rental firm’s terms and conditions of hire and you will be responsible for Personal Insurance (PI), Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) as well as any fuel costs, traffic fines, toll charges and additional days’ hire.

The Beneficiary will be required to provide a valid driving licence and a credit card deposit, otherwise vehicle hire service cannot be guaranteed. In certain countries, driving licences are required to be at least one year old. Certain endorsements on Beneficiary’s licence may also prejudice his/her eligibility to hire a vehicle.

Insurance requirements usually stipulate the hirer must be over 25 and under 65 years of age. If the Beneficiary is under 25 or over 65 we will endeavour to make alternative arrangements, but these cannot be guaranteed.

Vehicle Repatriation
If, following a Breakdown and recovery by Total Care Roadside Assistance, the Covered Vehicle cannot be repaired, or if the repair will not be completed before Beneficiary’s return to the Usual Place of Residence, the Covered Vehicle will be, if possible, repatriated to the Land Rover Importer nearest to the Beneficiary’s Usual Place of Residence, up to a USD 300 limit.

If the repaired or recovered Covered Vehicle has to be stored following Breakdown and recovery by Total Care Roadside Assistance and before the Beneficiary can collect the Covered Vehicle, a storage fee up to a USD 150 limit will be paid. This does not included storage at Importers.

Transportation of Passengers
In the event of sudden illness, accident or death while away from the Usual Place of Residence that prevents a Beneficiary from driving the Covered Vehicle and if the Beneficiary is the only licensed driver in the Covered Vehicle, it will be arranged and paid, if appropriate and possible, for a taxi or a chauffeur driven vehicle to transport the passengers to the Usual Place of Residence or the intended destination of the journey, up to a USD 300 limit in total.

The Covered Vehicle will be transported to the Beneficiary’s Usual Place of Residence or intended destination, up to a USD 300 limit in total.

The Beneficiary will be responsible for any cost of medical assistance and medical transportation.

Land Rover Roadside Assistance