• Osama Ghazi, CEO of AlJazirah Safari Tour Company and an adventure enthusiast from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is filled with passion for his land. This pride has led him on a journey to share the sights and sounds of the Kingdom.

      Osama has played an active role over the past few years in redefining tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with an ambition to reach the wider GCC audience. Using his creativity, he created the AlJazirah Safari concept two years ago to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia and has proudly watched his project grow ever since.

      Offering an innovative and pioneering approach to the regular tour company services, Osama designed the AlJazirah Safari experiences to offer individuals a glimpse into the rich historical, touristic and geographical sites of the Kingdom.

      Talking about the origin of his passion, Osama said: “MYLAND is a path to creativity and exploration. It gives you a sense of belonging. You feel a strong connection with your land and a need to support it.”

      Successful in bringing together adventure and safari lovers from all over the region, Osama’s tailored adventures continue to give individuals the chance to rediscover the entire Kingdom through thrilling and soul-stirring expeditions and in the safety and comfort of Land Rover's award winning Land Rover LR4.

      And to educate his children in the beauty and nature of their land, Osama started taking them with him on the AlJazirah Safari tours from a young age.

      MYLAND means community, history, the future, my mother, my father, my children, my spouse,” he said.

      To stay up to date with the inspirational Osama follow him on Twitter and Instagram.


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