To commemorate the heritage of the Middle East, Land Rover has launched #MYLAND, a campaign which recognises and celebrates the people who have been inspired by their land, heritage or country. 

Land Rover has now collaborated with five of the region’s inspiring achievers to tell their unique and awe-inspiring stories via a series of films entitled ‘My Journey, My Inspiration’. The achievers, from Oman, Qatar, Lebanon and the UAE, come from different walks of life but all share one thing in common: they have gone above and beyond in their achievements - from trekking to the Antarctic to setting world athletic records, and from climbing mountains to raise money for charity. 

The films, produced by Emirati film director Ali F. Mostafa and directed by Emirati filmmaker Ahmed Abdulqader, are currently being shot on location across the region and intend to capture the achievers’ inspirational stories of success through challenging times.


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